So this comic looks like shit cause i should have colored it……. whatever just got done watching a film with the misses.

Does anyone else out there put their hand over their crotch when its pitch black out? I do it cause say …. a serial killer is gonna get you by suprise, well if he hits me in the balls im a goner…. if I am NOT hit the balls I may stand a chance… 32 fat and out of shape.

You may also notice in this comic no man one looks the same through each panel…. gak damn it i suck.


Anywho…. I have a few more under my hat…. but knowing my wife she will complain about typos and i will repost this with color and call it A NEW COMIC


lol lol lol


Have a terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriffic Monday!