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Why Support Me?

Basically I am just giving the whole art this the best shot I can. I am a full time developer, and busy dad... but I want to lay down some sick art before I die. Following a dream if you will...what is there not to support?

All money basically just goes into the cycle of art supplies, and any expense I have into this hobby. Hopefully the options below give anyone who enjoys the things I make an option of how to keep this shit going.

The goal is not to have lots of money. The goal is constantly create, improve, and enjoy myself as an artist.

One of the easiest ways to support me is to follow me through all these websites... and help me spread my comic around. I am on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,

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This is as easy as it gets, you can toss me as little or as much as you want. This money goes to reaching new readers and hopefully buying a new desk!

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Best way to put it...subscribe to seeing me make art for as little as $1 a month! There are perks, like being in the comic once a month, suprise caricatures and invites to live streams.

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Who does love when someone buys them a drink! There is a way to also buy me a drink monthly. Thanks in advance!

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Buy my stuff!

I upload some designs here and there to Redbubble for people to grab. Prices are pretty decent. If there is ever something you WANT and I dont have tell me.

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On reddit I am Iamkeeeng